Tuesday, October 19, 2010


               Let me wish you all welcome and I want to share with you the reasons I wanted to start a Fashion Blog.
               First of all, I have to admit that growing up I was more of a tomboy then a barbie designer. But , as the years passed  I became more interested in fashion. First , there was the street style who was a great influence. I learned what clothes fit a person , what colors compliment each complexion or hair color. Then ,there was the TV influence . Here you can see cleaner looks , more simple , but in the same time they are so powerfull , they make a statement. And that is what you want to achieve. You want to make a statement with your look and the most important with yourself. Be unique, be who you want to be .

               Make your own fashion world . Be ahead of fashion , you make the fashion. You know that big designers name the street as their biggest influence. Be Balmain's muse , be Balenciaga's muse, Alexander McQueen, Chanel ,and so on.

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