Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gold , purple, leather pants, frock coats, sequin dresses : Decarnin went for it. This genius of fashion went for  a classier, dressier theme that  puts this notoriously expensive collection on a path where the value of the original can be clearly distinguished from the cheap knockoff.
The red leather pants with the not so obvious military jacket  are just a pair made in heaven , perfect for a young girl but I could see that also on an older women , an independent  business women  . The dresses are addressed to a much younger audience, fashionistas , glamorous and powerfull womens ,who want to make themselves noticed . The jackets are so simple ,the black one is more for the day , and on the night if you want to make yourself noticed, admired you can choose the gold-buttoned pinstripes one. Fur is the element that makes leather pants look  classier , expensive ,  that put you apart from the crowd . And that is what you want! Wear Balmain or at least try it.

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