Wednesday, December 8, 2010


              Less is more!  I don't remember who said this but wow, he's right! I imagine wearing this red boots from morning to dawn , with a dress or jeans and a jacket. Simple , powerfull , bold !
             The second pair is from Ralph Lauren and i would wear them with the handbag from yesterdays post also from Ralph Lauren.
             The third pair is as simple as the others but being ankle boots i would recommend them to someone a bit taller.So , check my blog more often cause i'll post more from now on.

P.S. Leave a comment with suggestions for the next post. Until then, be yourself, everybody else is already taken!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


              I’m such a handbag addict .  I have to admit that I adore handbags and shoes more then I like clothes . Maybe that’s a bit to much but I think you can dress up in a simple outfit  and if you have an amazing handbag or a great pair of shoes you’ll definetly be noticed . You’ll make a statement and that’s what you want to achieve  because the time when we dressed just to cover our body has passed.
P.S. I’ll  blog more often from now on! Or at least I’ll try . And btw I’m stil waiting for suggestions on what would you like to see here,  so leave a comment .
1. Nina Ricci
2.Anya Hindmarch
4.Miu Miu
5.Ralph Lauren
6.Meredith Wendell

Monday, November 15, 2010


              How amazing is Isabel Marant this fall? I have to admit that I discovered Isabel a couple of months ago and  I have been  fascinated with her  clothes ever since ! This  collection is exactly what the doctor ordered!It has the rock star chick allure , the Kate Moss  dirty and chic style. 
           You can still be hardcore but with a sexy look  , with leather pants and jackets , sequins  and fur collars! The colors are so perfectly chosen. Black , white , grey , and red ! How amazing are those red leather pants with the black jacket? A pair made in heaven .
          I’m still waiting for your advices on what  would you like to see here next? Until next time, be who you want to be , BE YOURSELF!


Monday, November 8, 2010



 From punk rock  girls to sexy librarians , you can have everything  with j. crew this fall . hot!hot!hot!i love this type of fashion that is just perfect  every day  , from morning to evening.
I hope you guys like the things i show here and i would like to know from you what would you like to see here next. Until next time, be who you want to be no matter what !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gold , purple, leather pants, frock coats, sequin dresses : Decarnin went for it. This genius of fashion went for  a classier, dressier theme that  puts this notoriously expensive collection on a path where the value of the original can be clearly distinguished from the cheap knockoff.
The red leather pants with the not so obvious military jacket  are just a pair made in heaven , perfect for a young girl but I could see that also on an older women , an independent  business women  . The dresses are addressed to a much younger audience, fashionistas , glamorous and powerfull womens ,who want to make themselves noticed . The jackets are so simple ,the black one is more for the day , and on the night if you want to make yourself noticed, admired you can choose the gold-buttoned pinstripes one. Fur is the element that makes leather pants look  classier , expensive ,  that put you apart from the crowd . And that is what you want! Wear Balmain or at least try it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


               Let me wish you all welcome and I want to share with you the reasons I wanted to start a Fashion Blog.
               First of all, I have to admit that growing up I was more of a tomboy then a barbie designer. But , as the years passed  I became more interested in fashion. First , there was the street style who was a great influence. I learned what clothes fit a person , what colors compliment each complexion or hair color. Then ,there was the TV influence . Here you can see cleaner looks , more simple , but in the same time they are so powerfull , they make a statement. And that is what you want to achieve. You want to make a statement with your look and the most important with yourself. Be unique, be who you want to be .

               Make your own fashion world . Be ahead of fashion , you make the fashion. You know that big designers name the street as their biggest influence. Be Balmain's muse , be Balenciaga's muse, Alexander McQueen, Chanel ,and so on.