Monday, November 15, 2010


              How amazing is Isabel Marant this fall? I have to admit that I discovered Isabel a couple of months ago and  I have been  fascinated with her  clothes ever since ! This  collection is exactly what the doctor ordered!It has the rock star chick allure , the Kate Moss  dirty and chic style. 
           You can still be hardcore but with a sexy look  , with leather pants and jackets , sequins  and fur collars! The colors are so perfectly chosen. Black , white , grey , and red ! How amazing are those red leather pants with the black jacket? A pair made in heaven .
          I’m still waiting for your advices on what  would you like to see here next? Until next time, be who you want to be , BE YOURSELF!


Monday, November 8, 2010



 From punk rock  girls to sexy librarians , you can have everything  with j. crew this fall . hot!hot!hot!i love this type of fashion that is just perfect  every day  , from morning to evening.
I hope you guys like the things i show here and i would like to know from you what would you like to see here next. Until next time, be who you want to be no matter what !